All My Blogs   August 23rd, 2010

Some of you have asked me how many blogs I currently operate and if I’m finally done adding new blogs.

To answer the last question first – I think I’m done with new blogs for the time being. This latest one, Jake’s Take, is kind of a catch all to cover things which don’t fit in my other blogs. I expect it to be the most esoteric over time.

For the first question, here’s a list of the other public blogs I maintain:

  • Bits Are Cheap – my new photo blog, with a photo a day from my extensive archives
  • The Richter Scale Blog – this is where I cover new technology
  • The Richter Scale Articles – this is where I repost articles I have written for various publications, but it is very incomplete as I have written many hundreds of articles over the years, but only about 90 appear on that blog/site at present
  • A Foodie Moment – this is my blog about my passionate obsession with food and exploring food science and culinary arts
  • The Traveling Richters – my blog about the world travels of the Richter family including our trip earlier this year to Antarctica, and hopefully soon stories from our travels to Hong Kong and Macau
  • I Learned Something New – a somewhat neglected site to share odd things I’ve learned as I come across them, with a focus on short notes
  • Richter Art Gallery – I decided to make our art gallery site into a blog to make it easier to update, so this is where you’ll see news about our art efforts
  • Jake’s Take – this blog, of course

If you find it tough to track that many blogs, I also post a message to Twitter (@jakerichter) whenever I post a new blog entry to any of the above blogs.

Other non-blog sites that I maintain can be found in the Blogroll at right, and there are quite a number of those too.


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