By The Glow of the Fire – BOPEC on Bonaire   September 10th, 2010

A couple of days ago, lightning struck a large tank filled with naphtha, a highly flammable petroleum product, at the oil transshipment facility on the Caribbean island of Bonaire, where I live. The BOPEC (Bonaire Petroleum Corporation) facility and local firefighters were unable to extinguish the flames and apparently the island actually ran out of fire extinguishing materials, so the plan was to let the fire burn itself out. And burn it did.

I captured the images below last night – the second night after the lightning strike. Word is that the flames have gotten smaller overnight, and there’s hope that additional materials and support arriving on island today will allow the fire to be completely extinguished later in the day.

Larger versions of these images are available on my Flickr pages.


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