Day -5   October 1st, 2011

From Linda…

Jake had his second and final dose of Cytoxan last night. He was a very weary “Urinator” that greeted us this morning. He was still dealing with chills and a small fever that responds well to Tylenol but was battling a queasy stomach all day. The wonderful team of nurses kept a watchful eye on him. The mandatory pee schedule ended at 7:30pm tonight so he is looking forward to longer stretches of sleep tonight. Although he was greatly disappointed to find out he would have to use the plastic urinal to pee in for the entire rest of his stay so they could track is output.

Jake voiced his growing displeasure with the cotton blankets he had piled high on his hospital bed. So Krystyana and I hopped on the Metro bound for “Bed Bath and Beyond” at the Chinatown station in DC to buy Jake a comfy, homey duvet to combat his chills. Bas kept Jake company while we braved the cold rainy day.

Tonight, Jake was “untethered” as he put it, meaning he will not be attached to an IV tonight. He was quite tired so we left him to rest early at 8pm. We shall imagine him snuggled down in his duvet. Just having the duvet put a small smile on his face.

Tomorrow is a brief day of rest between treatments. He will continue his course of Fludarabine tomorrow with radiation starting first thing on Monday morning.


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2 Responses

October 1st, 2011 at 22:40
LaDonna Says:

thank you…thank you….thank you….for being his voice right now…..and keeping us in the loop! I hope he is getting a well deserved sleep at this moment! I can just hear him complaining about the uncomfortable blankets….and having a headache and fever couldn’t have helped :) So I am certain the duvet was well received! Give the kids a hug from me…..and know you are all in my thoughts continuously.


October 2nd, 2011 at 11:35
Cynde Says:

Agree with LaDonna, thank you for being Jake’s voice Linda. They should give patients a handout prior to coming with things that may make them feel more comfortable and at home (like a comfy duvet). I lived in DC for a few years in the 80s…so I can visualize where you are.

I hope Jake got some sleep and feels better today. Let him know we are thinking of him, and you, and the kids…hugs and love!