October 16th at Ol’ Blue/Tolo   October 22nd, 2012

We arrived at Ol’ Blue around 5:30pm. Although sunset would be at 6:14pm, it was already darkening as the cloud cover was pretty thick except for this amazing break in the clouds which let the sun stream through.

We hugged and talked with everyone while we waited for the sun to set.  Many people asked me why Ol’ Blue, as locals many of us only visit this spot when taking the new visitor on an island tour. For us Ol’ Blue has been a favorite spot for beach BBQs with dear friends while watching the sun set and making S’mores. Ol’ Blue is also far enough out to be a special trip which it is well worth.

We helped each other down to the sea as the coral stone beach slid under foot. Krystyana and Martin joined me for putting the ashes into the sea.

Angela had brought some white roses which she gave to each of us to float them out to sea. Pink bougainvillea joined the roses as we all said our good-byes to Jake.


Thank you to everyone that came out to be with us as well as those that could not attend but did so in the hearts.

Linda, Krystyana, and Bas


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Stone Markers installed   October 5th, 2012

With just hours to spare before we said our farewell to New Hampshire, the headstone and grave marker were installed in the cemetery. About 5pm on Thursday Sept. 27th, Krystyana and I arrived at the cemetery to watch as they placed the stones. This was the first time we got to see the finished stones instead of drawings and Photoshop ideas on a computer.

Now if anyone wants to visit they will be able to easily find the right place, just use the map from my previous post and look for the unusually shaped deep gray headstone – see picture. Colors in my photo are a bit off – the stone is a charcoal grey with almost sandstone like markings.


At the foot of the plot on the left is Jake’s personal marker. Again, see the picture. This was even harder to photograph as the dark areas are really a mirror shiny black. The big features were sandblasted and then the delicate shading was etched by an artist by hand using the original photo as a reference.

Some of you may recognize it. It was taken by Jake on our Antarctica trip while at Elephant Island. He posted it on the blog in September 2010 when he entered it into a NatGeo photo contest, here is the link if you would like to see the original http://www.jakestake.tv/2010/09/07/vote-for-me-at-national-geographic-photo-contest/.

The next day Krystyana and I dropped in with a couple pots of bright colored flowers to brighten it up a bit.

As mentioned at the start, the kids and I are now back home on Bonaire with all the fun of reopening a house after it has been very lightly used for over a year and a half. I expect to be having a very quiet putting the ashes into the sea thing Tuesday, October 16th, probably up at Ol’ Blue during sunset. All are welcome. Jake didn’t want a religious ceremony of any sort.

Linda, Krystyana and Bas