Day 0 Draws to a close   October 6th, 2011

From Linda while Jake catches a cat nap…

Jake’s happy warrior TIL cells needed a feeding of IL2 to support them. At 3pm, Jake began his first dose of IL2. It is an infusion which takes about 15 minutes. They had warned us that side effects like fever, chills, nausea, and rigors, usually develop within one to two hours. Additional medications would be at hand to combat whatever developed. The worst of the side effects should subside between doses.

About 45 minutes after the infusion, Jake developed chills, nausea, and the rigors came on fast and furious. While his nurse got IV meds for the nausea and rigors, the kids and I went for the heated blankets and wrapped him up tight. I had been massaging Jake’s legs, but snuggling up close and holding him tight worked best. The kids and I held him close until the meds worked their magic and the rigors became an unpleasant memory.

Within another hour, Jake was cautiously sitting up and his fever had disappeared. The doctors told him later that generally a larger man’s muscle mass reacts more strongly to the IL2 but likely the reaction would lessen as the doses continued. They also increased another medication to hopefully lessen this as well on the next IL2 dose. He was feeling well enough to sit on the edge of his bed and watch a tv show with us before the kids headed back to the Lodge and bed.

So here I sit blogging in Jake’s room on a club chair that folds out to a single bed. I’ll be staying with Jake tonight as his IL2 dose #2 is scheduled for 11pm, followed by dose #3 at 7am. 


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