From Linda…

On Monday, I sent this email message out to family but I never got a chance to blog and let the rest of our friends know what was happening. See below.

“I just wanted to let you all know that Jake is currently having eating problems again which has quickly led to unsteadiness and weakness due to his already weakened state. I have been in contact with his doctors and they have doubled his steroid dose as of today in the hopes of jump starting his eating once again. The second dose begins tonight so it is a matter of wait and see for the next few days. Hopefully, we can keep him out of the hospital this time.

Because of this, we have cancelled our trip to the mid-West which was scheduled to begin tomorrow. Right now I’m trying to cancel all the reservations and contact all the people that might be expecting to see us.”

Tuesday Update
Well, with just the first of the extra medicine last night, Jake is already eating better and more steady on his feet today. We don’t know how long Jake might be on the extra medication but we are in constant contact with his doctor who is monitoring his progress.


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Quick Update   May 9th, 2012

From Linda…

As you may know from the last blog entry, Jake’s daily intake of steriods was
reduced at his last doctor’s appointment. We had been warned that it might cause
some weakness and we should keep in touch with the doctor with any symptoms that
might develop. Jake has recently been feeling weaker and uncoordinated so we
contacted Dr. Flaherty today to see about raising Jake’s steriod level back up to
relieve the symptoms and get Jake moving better. The doctor readily agreed that
raising the steriods back up would be a good idea. It will likely take a couple days
to see some improvements.

Jake had tried acupuncture before and found some relief from cancer treatment side
effects but we had problems locating another practitioner in Boston when his moved
away. Now that we are in Chester, Linda found an acupuncturist in nearby Hampstead.
Jake has had a couple treatments so far and is looking forward to more at the
Merrimack Valley Acupuncture. Jake has also had some reflexology massages at spa as
well as nightly leg massages from Linda to get some relief from lymphademia in his
right leg (a side effect from lymphadectomy surgery a year ago).

Our Softub spa is finally up and running with the last part, the bench surround,
arriving today. We still have not convinced Bas to give it a try, although the rest
of us have had a dip or two.

As promised, Jake has increased his daily PT in preparation for traveling. Krystyana
and Linda take turns running him through his exercises 2-3 times per day. Our travel
plans take us to Minneapolis, Indianapolis (and Columbus), and ending in Cincinnati
during the second half of May.